Saturday, May 28, 2011

ASP Meeting Minutes

ASP Meeting Notes - 5/24/11


o Winchell brought up the annual (informal) pizza party that the Inland Empire Section usually holds to welcome the new board members over the summer. It is usually held in July and he reminded people that it is a great networking event for students.

o The dept is advertising for a part time faculty position.

o As the new Dept Chair, Winchell wants to make GIS more of a priority; also create more reciprocity between our dept at the PA dept.

· They recently hired a Public Admin professor who has a MURP. She will be teaching planning classes next year (possibly Methods III).

o Winchell also brought up the role of the National rep and wondered if Will should be pursuing a position on the National Student Planning Committee/Organization – EWU has had students on it in the past.

o Karl & Jeremy visited THE ENGRAVER to price out plaques for Hurand and Dotson. Most decent plaques are in the $40 range.

· Group discussed buying a plaque with a nice glass plate over the top and having a nice certificate made (to keep cost down)

§ Karl is going to discuss paper/printing options & available resources with Rose.

· Group voted that Karl will spend less (much less) than $200 on certificate, motion passed.

o We still need to get Karl access to view available funds in our account.

o Jeremy is looking into dates of State Rep meeting

o Issue was raised about new Inland Empire Rep

· Should we find new rep that has more time and is more interested in position?

o Will presented on status update of the sustainability movement.

· It looks like the Pres of college is going to approve garden – seems very on board with whole project.

· We are still waiting for a work plan from the group before we can release any funding to them

o Brian attended the most recent Inland Empire Section meeting – they have approved $2000 for our dept to use on computers

· This is the money Fred was advocating for


o Jeremy reported that students are interested in laptop stations and more computers for class work; at least one for plotter hookup

· Raised the question of monitoring usage – should we limit the number of copies per student going forward?


o Karl raised the point that Chili Cook-Off Planning needs to start early. The date is early in the school year and we won’t have enough time to plan if we start in Sept.

o Karl also suggested that we look in to creating some Dept Merchandise to sell at events next year.

· Pint Glasses

· T-Shirts

· Hoodies

· Sweatshirts

o A Fundraising Committee was established

· Karl & Ali volunteered to be co-chairs

o A Bylaw Review Committee was established because existing bylaws are not written to foresee any future issues

· Brian suggested this seems like a VP job so he appointed Will as head of this committee, but noted that he will be a part of the process

· Karl also mentioned that he will send Will an email of his suggested changes

o A Conference Committee needs to be established to discuss expected standards at conferences in order to receive ASP funds in the future

· Winchell & Fred decided that a faculty member needs to be a part of this committee

o Raised the idea of a camping event this summer

· Some noted that since this was last meeting, the likelihood of one getting planned is not high

o We need to brainstorm about next year’s events and how to engage first year grad students and Junior in undergrad program.

· Need to have a community building/fun event to engage all new students

o Brian asked Jason about any decisions made on the Eagle Pass Program

· Jason said no decision has been made.

· 3 of our members are going to the Strategic Planning Meeting for the School to ask about the budget for this.


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