Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Summer Institute in Tribal Planning

Dear Planning Students,

This is the 25th year of what we call our "Summer Institute in Tribal Planning." Starting with collaboration from our EWU American Indian Studies program, EWU is one of the leading institutions that has recognized the importance of tribal planning in the West. Tribal planning represents a unique and dynamic process related to tribal powers to plan through sovereignty. There are recognized American Indian reservations with sovereign powers that impact almost every jurisdiction in the NW, yet most planners and the general public are not aware of the structure, powers and processes of tribal planning.

In addition, tribes have expanding employment requests for tribal planners, and many of our alumni work for tribal governments throughout the region. It's knowledge you should have, and it builds on good planning practice. So, I invite you to consider the tribal planning courses this summer.

As a note, these classes include Native American professionals and interested community members, as well as undergraduate and graduate students, to provide a basic introduction and information on tribal planning processes and applications. They are scheduled as intensive workshops, generally from 8:30-5:00 daily during the first two weeks of the quarter, while students taking the course for credit will be required to complete reading and research assignments and projects due on August 9, when there will be an interactive, on-line presentation of final projects and discussion that is also part of the class. Those students who need to be enrolled full-time may wish to add an independent study on tribal government issues working with Dr. Winchell, or consider some of the other coursework from geography, public administration, or related disciplines.

Below is a listing of the dates and overview of each class offered this summer.
I hope you will consider tribal planning courses, which include field trips to nearby tribes for at least the Intro class.

Dick Winchell

25th Annual Summer Tribal Planning Institute
  • Tribal Transportation Planning - June 20 to 23, 2011
    This course is an introduction to tribal transportation planning and the importance of transportation for overall tribal development. It includes background information on SAFETEA-LU including new opportunities for tribal participation in Transit Programs and Scenic Byways, the structure and operation of the Indian Reservation Roads Program (IRR), the Road Inventory Field Data System (RIFDS), developing Tribal Transportation Plans and Transportation Improvement Programs (TIP's), and a brief review of IRR implementation options including direct service, PL 93-638 contracting and compacting and Agreements with the Federal Highway Administration. One day will be in the field wear appropriate clothing.
  • Census Data in Tribal Planning - June 24 to 25, 2011
    This weekend class provides an introduction to the tremendous data resources available through the US Census Bureau and related data bases on-line, which includes how to locate and access a wide range of population, social and economic data; basic models of demographic and economic analysis with applications exercises to be completed before, during and after class; and integration of spatial analysis of data using on-line mapping and ARC GIS software.
  • Introduction to Tribal Planning - June 27 to 30, 2011
    The purpose of this class is to present an overview of tribal planning programs. The class will describe tribal government history and legal foundations of sovereignty for tribal planning, processes of tribal management and planning including the comprehensive plan, management and budget structures, land use controls, and key aspects of standard planning tools and their application for appropriate tribal planning.  Two models for tribal planning exist: one is where tribes use standard Anglo planning techniques as a technical function within their own government, while the second is the development of tribal (or village) specific planning as a unique and dynamic process which uses some of the same tools of non-Indian planning but expands from a base of tribal sovereignty to reframe tribal planning and government. The later model is the basis of tribal planning taught in this class. 
  • Student expectations
    Students will be expected to participate in class, daily exercises, and complete all assignments which include research, writing, presentations and discussions in class, and for students enrolled for credit, short written assignments and a final research report. There will be extensive group work within the class, and students are encouraged to apply learning to their own tribe or issues of interest. Graduate students will be required to complete a "synthesis research report" in addition to all individual course assignments.
  • Saturday, May 28, 2011

    ASP Meeting Minutes

    ASP Meeting Notes - 5/24/11


    o Winchell brought up the annual (informal) pizza party that the Inland Empire Section usually holds to welcome the new board members over the summer. It is usually held in July and he reminded people that it is a great networking event for students.

    o The dept is advertising for a part time faculty position.

    o As the new Dept Chair, Winchell wants to make GIS more of a priority; also create more reciprocity between our dept at the PA dept.

    · They recently hired a Public Admin professor who has a MURP. She will be teaching planning classes next year (possibly Methods III).

    o Winchell also brought up the role of the National rep and wondered if Will should be pursuing a position on the National Student Planning Committee/Organization – EWU has had students on it in the past.

    o Karl & Jeremy visited THE ENGRAVER to price out plaques for Hurand and Dotson. Most decent plaques are in the $40 range.

    · Group discussed buying a plaque with a nice glass plate over the top and having a nice certificate made (to keep cost down)

    § Karl is going to discuss paper/printing options & available resources with Rose.

    · Group voted that Karl will spend less (much less) than $200 on certificate, motion passed.

    o We still need to get Karl access to view available funds in our account.

    o Jeremy is looking into dates of State Rep meeting

    o Issue was raised about new Inland Empire Rep

    · Should we find new rep that has more time and is more interested in position?

    o Will presented on status update of the sustainability movement.

    · It looks like the Pres of college is going to approve garden – seems very on board with whole project.

    · We are still waiting for a work plan from the group before we can release any funding to them

    o Brian attended the most recent Inland Empire Section meeting – they have approved $2000 for our dept to use on computers

    · This is the money Fred was advocating for


    o Jeremy reported that students are interested in laptop stations and more computers for class work; at least one for plotter hookup

    · Raised the question of monitoring usage – should we limit the number of copies per student going forward?


    o Karl raised the point that Chili Cook-Off Planning needs to start early. The date is early in the school year and we won’t have enough time to plan if we start in Sept.

    o Karl also suggested that we look in to creating some Dept Merchandise to sell at events next year.

    · Pint Glasses

    · T-Shirts

    · Hoodies

    · Sweatshirts

    o A Fundraising Committee was established

    · Karl & Ali volunteered to be co-chairs

    o A Bylaw Review Committee was established because existing bylaws are not written to foresee any future issues

    · Brian suggested this seems like a VP job so he appointed Will as head of this committee, but noted that he will be a part of the process

    · Karl also mentioned that he will send Will an email of his suggested changes

    o A Conference Committee needs to be established to discuss expected standards at conferences in order to receive ASP funds in the future

    · Winchell & Fred decided that a faculty member needs to be a part of this committee

    o Raised the idea of a camping event this summer

    · Some noted that since this was last meeting, the likelihood of one getting planned is not high

    o We need to brainstorm about next year’s events and how to engage first year grad students and Junior in undergrad program.

    · Need to have a community building/fun event to engage all new students

    o Brian asked Jason about any decisions made on the Eagle Pass Program

    · Jason said no decision has been made.

    · 3 of our members are going to the Strategic Planning Meeting for the School to ask about the budget for this.

    END TIME 12:50PM

    Wednesday, May 25, 2011

    APA-AIA-ASLA Night At Brooklyn Nights

    The IES–APA section is co-hosting a meet and greet social event on June 30th from  5:00 to 8:00 p.m. at Brooklyn Nights (122 S Monroe, Spokane). Sandwiches are courtesy of APA; Open bar and billiards in the lounge.

    Please let us know if you will be coming by contacting Melissa Mohr: 994-7816, mmohr@spokanecounty.org

    I hope to see you there!

    Lori Barlow, AICP
    IES–APA Executive Board Secretary

    Fundraising Committee Formed

    Pursuant to §4.1.2 of the Association of Student Planners Bylaws, I have created a new committee for the purpose of coordinating the acquisition of non-ASEWU funds for the operation of the Association. It has been designated the Fundraising Committee and it will be primarily responsible for activities related to the annual Chili Cook-off, and secondarily responsible for merchandise sales, requests for donations, and other activities as directed by the executive board or as it may otherwise undertake in pursuit of its purpose.

    The committee shall be responsible for documentation of all requests for funds and providing appropriate recognitions for donors. The committee shall submit a revenue proposal to the ASP Treasurer for preparation of the Association's annual budget pursuant to ASP Bylaws §4.4.1.

    Substantive participation in the committee shall be considered a contribution to the club as may be required for receipt of ASP scholarships.

    Furthermore, I have appointed Karl Almgren and Ali Kara as co-chairs for the committee and I thank them for their volunteering spirit. If you wish to volunteer, please contact one of them directly.

    Japan's urban planning "on-line"

    Dear Planning Students,

    Osaka, Japan, is one of the largest 20 cities in the world. Their planning department is very active, and addresses many critical issues. Most importantly, they report all planning activities on-line, and in English at their website and through an on-line journal. The latest issue of "OSAKA and Its Technology" has been uploaded. http://www.osakacity.or.jp/en/journal/index.html

    Be sure to download and examine their "urbanscape" article to see how the face or urban Japan is changing.

    Dick W.

    Contents of the latest issue (No.54 [March 2011])

    1. Model Project for a Ubiquitous Neighborhood-Watch Robot(PDF 695KB)
    2. Development of Ukiniwabashi Bridge(PDF 1.19MB)
    3. Initiatives for Developing Hanshin Port as a "Strategic International Container Port" (PDF 526KB)

    World Cities and Population Change

    Planning Students,

    The attached BBC website forwarded from Susan Winchell identifies the tremendous change in city populations. This change is the basis for my class--Comparative Urbanization, and reflects critically on all aspects of planning.
    Click on each year/decade to view descriptions of major trends and individual city population changes.


    Monday, May 23, 2011

    Summer City of Altamonte Springs Internship Opportunity

    Contact DURP alum Chris Gilhooley (MSP 2010) directly if interested. c.gilhooley@gmail.com.

    This is really random but I just got off the phone with a GIS professional I know who works for the City of Altamonte Springs down here in Orlando. He said that they're looking for a full time GIS intern this summer. From what I understand the pay isn't that great but they are trying to turn the internship into a full time salary position by October of this year. He asked me if I knew of any qualified candidates so I figured I'd pass the word along to you. If there are any students who are here for the summer and looking for work, let me know. I'd be happy to pass their resume along.


    Two-week September program in Italy

    Dear Planning Students,
    Attached is information on a great 2 week class in Italy before school starts this Fall, taught by a friend of mine at PSU.  Although it is a geography listing, it will count as an elective in planning, with credits from PSU transferred here. Dr. Works has extensive international experience, and I am sure will be an excellent class. I hope you will consider, and that some EWU students will apply. You can ask me for more information, or contact Dr. Martha Works. Notice the June 1 deadline.
    Dick Winchell

    Spaces available for the short-term study abroad program Tuscany:
    Sustainability in City and Country, September 7-21, 2011, sponsored
    by Portland State University's Geography Department and PSU's
    Education Abroad Office.

    Please note: PSU is on the quarter system

    We'd love to have a few more students for this geography program:

    Earn 4 upper-division or graduate level credits (GEOG 465/565). Topics
    include Italian hill towns as models of sustainable urban form,
    relationships between city and country, and the Slow Food and Slow
    Cities movements.

    After starting the program with two days in Siena, we will spend two
    days north of Siena at Badia di Moscheta, a cultural landscape park in
    the Appenines north of Florence. At Moscheta we will learn about
    ongoing projects to restore historic landscapes here and in other
    parts of Tuscany, and take part in mapping portions of the park to
    contribute to long term planning.

    During this year's program we will also spend two days in Chianti
    looking at projects to restore terraces for olive and grape
    production.  Restoration of terraces in the Chianti area aims to
    mitigate problems of soil erosion and restore historic landscape

    The final week of the program is based at Spannocchia, a rural estate
    that is a working organic farm and forest and part of the Alto Merse
    nature reserve. On day trips, we will visit nearby hill towns such as
    Volterra, San Gimignano, and Massa Marittima; small villages such as
    Sovicille and Chiusdino; and the 13th century Abbey of San Galgano. At
    Spannocchia students will explore sustainable agriculture and
    forestry, agritourism, and the cultural landscapes of the estate and
    its surroundings in self-defined individual projects.

    Enrollment is limited to 14 students
    Apply by June 1, 2011

    For more information and the application form visit:

    For the sample syllabus and reading list from 2010 visit:
    http://www.pdx.edu/geog-tuscany/2011-program or contact Martha Works, Geography Department, mworks@pdx.edu

    Martha A. Works
    Department of Geography
    Portland State University
    Portland, OR 97232
    Phone: 503.725.3165
    Fax: 503.725.3166

    ASP Meeting Announcement

    The Association of Student Planners will conduct its final regular meeting of the quarter at 11:45 AM, Tuesday, May 24, 2011, in the Riverpoint Planning Studio.

    Thursday, May 19, 2011

    ASP Social Event Tomorrow

    International Potluck
    Bring your favorite international dish & BYOB
    Friday, May 20th, 6pm-9pm at Karl's Clubhouse (Karl Almgren) at Canyon Bluff Apartments, 2610 W. Westwood Lane at Thorpe Road.

    Boston Brownbags Thursday 26th at Noon

    Brownbag presentations by Jackie, Donna, and Shennelle will be held next Thursday, 26th, in room 226 from 12:00 to 1:00. 
    Topics will be bicycle infrastructure and urban agriculture.

    Saturday, May 7, 2011

    GIS Summer Work

    Professor Dotson asked me to forward this to the first year grad students. There are some dollars available to someone (or a couple of people sharing the work) who is confident in her/his GIS skills to create some promotional materials for a local nonprofit. Please contact him directly if you would like to be considered.

    ASP Planning Studio Cleanup

    Today the ASP conducted a clean up of the Riverpoint Planning Studio beginning at 11 AM. Attendees were Karl Almgren, Jeremy Kulm, Brian Sayrs, and William Simpson.

    The room has been rearranged. Several pieces of broken or obsolete equipment have been moved out, and the tables have been rearranged to better utilize wall space. The room is now considerably more spacious than before. Most of the old posters have been removed, and several newer ones have taken their place, and arranged more topically.

    There is more work to be done. There is an orange file cabinet which must be cleaned out, and the map boxes and flats should be cleaned out. There are many old projects (including several iterations of the Isabella Springs project) in the flats. Additionally, there is an effort underway to acquire a couch and low-maintenance plants to improve the environment and add new functionality to the room. The need for stools for the drafting and light tables is more apparent now, so this could be a new initiative for the ASP.

    We hope that the changes to the room make it more useful and supportive of all students' efforts as the spring quarter comes to a close. Please show your appreciation to Karl, Jeremy, and William for the work they performed for our benefit.

    Studio PCs / ASP Tech Committee

    From: "Jeremy Kulm" <jkulm@hotmail.com>

    I did some troubleshooting on the studio PCs: All the PCs are operational however only 2 of the monitors are functioning. It appears that the non-functional monitors have power supply faults - the stand-by power indicator light on the power button does not come on, therefore no power is delivered to the LED screen. I spoke to Howard (EWU Riverpoint IT Guy) and asked him to do some more troubleshooting and switch out the monitors with any spare ones he had.

    All the studio PCs are circa 2005 – Pentium 4, 3.2 GHz (single core) with 1 GB of DDR1 RAM (can be upgraded), 150 GB Hard Drive, running Win XP (Service Pack 3). In the short term, I recommend upgrading the RAM on at least 4 of the PCs and purchasing at least one "newer" PC to be used exclusively for class/community projects that require use of GIS/graphics software and printing to the plotter. Upgrading the RAM on existing PCs will allow for more effective use of the virtuallabs.ewu.edu remote applications functionally.

    Additionally, I/we (ASP Tech Cmte.) can conduct VirtualLabs short workshops to introduce its functionality (such as connecting a local printer, wherein, a student in the studio or at home can print to the studio or home printer while using VirtualLabs). I have observed and heard students desire "laptops stations" in the studio, myself included. The majority of students have laptops, though not all bring them to school. One curious thing that I observed in the studio is that the drafting tables don't have any stools. With a few stools, the tables along the walls (adjacent to power outlets) can be used as laptop stations.

    I would like to evaluate the GIS Lab PCs as well and develop some recommendations for upgrade or replacement. Additionally, I would like to develop a procedure to allow for more student access to the lab, perhaps a group of "trusted key-holders" like the ASP Officers and ASP Tech Committee who sign a key-holder agreement and pay a key deposit.

    In the next few weeks the Tech Committee will develop a Tech Needs Survey for students and faculty in order to evaluate current and future technology needs.

    Electric Vehicle Presentation Event

    Cascadia Inland Branch - LUG - Electric Vehicle Presentation
    Thursday, May 12, 2011 from 5:30 PM - 7:00 PM (PT)
    The Lincoln Center
    1316 N Lincoln Street
    Spokane, WA 99201

    Please go to the following site for more info and to register for the event.  The event is free but RSVP is mandatory, as seating is limited.  It would be great if you could pass information on to your friends, co-workers and companies you interact with that you feel may be interested.

    Treasurer election

    Ballots for the ASP Treasurer position have been emailed via Rose Morgan. Ballots may be submitted in one of the following two ways:
    • In person at the ASP meeting on Tuesday, May 10 (11:45 A.M. in the Riverpoint Planning Studio)
    • By email no later than 11:45 A.M., Tuesday, May 10, to Brian Sayrs, ASP President, at sayrs.brian@eagles.ewu.edu.  The president will ensure (A) that the source of an emailed ballot remains confidential and (B) that the ballot originated from an enrolled planning student's email account.
    Candidates for treasurer position are invited to make two-minute presentations at the May 10 ASP meeting.  Election results will be publicized at the end of the meeting; therefore, late ballots will not be counted.

    Should you have questions regarding the election process, please do not hesitate to ask.

    Brian A. Sayrs
    ASP President

    Thursday, May 5, 2011

    Renewable Local Energy Webinar

    The Inland Empire Section, Washington Chapter, of the American Planning Association invites you to join them for an APA Webinar entitled "Renewable Local Energy" on Wednesday, May 11, 2011, 1:00 P.M. – 2:30 P.M. in Conference Room 2B of Spokane City Hall at 808 West Spokane Falls Boulevard.

    ASP Meeting Announcement

    The ASP will have a meeting on Tuesday, May 10th at 11:45 AM in the planning studio.

    Monday, May 2, 2011

    Call for Nominations

    Last week, ASP Treasurer Chris Boghokian resigned. Pursuant to bylaws section 6.2, ("Should a vacancy in the office occur, there will be a nomination and election for the vacant office held at the next general meeting.") we are obligated to hold an election on May 10, 2011. The description of the position is included below.

    For the sake of expediency, we will accept only self-nominations. The association president will second all authorized names received into nomination. Written or emailed nominations are due by 5 PM Thursday, May 5, 2011. Please include your name as you wish it to appear on the ballot, and your phone number so that the association secretary can verify the nomination. Ballots will be sent on Friday, May 6, 2011. Please deliver your self-nomination to ASP Secretary Ali Kara (akara@eagles.ewu.edu).

    Thank you for your willingness to contribute to your Association.

    On behalf of the Executive Board,

    Brian A. Sayrs
    President, ASP

    From the ASP Bylaws:

    4.4 Treasurer
    4.4.1 The Treasurer shall prepare an annual budget with the assistance of the Executive Board.
    4.4.2 Shall receive and disburse Association funds.
    4.4.3 Shall prepare a financial report for each Executive Board meeting, to include a current balance sheet and an income statement reflecting the preceding month of Association.
    4.4.4 Shall perform such other duties as required by these Bylaws or customary to the office.