Friday, March 25, 2011

Fair Housing Conference Reminder

From Kimberley McCollim

Reminder ---- Please join us for Spokane’s Fair Housing Conference April 6th, from 8:30am to 4:00pm.

The focus of this year’s conference is "Emerging Trends - What's New in Today's Fair Housing". You will learn the latest information on reasonable accommodations involving assistance animals, second hand smoke, medicinal marijuana and sexual orientation.

Breakout sessions will include information on: State Law/Basic Fair Housing; Landlord/Tenant Law; Fair Housing for Federally Funded Partners; Reasonable Accommodation; and Fair Housing Complaint Process.

Registration fee is $30.00, due by March 25, 2011. Registration fee includes: All day training from experts on fair housing issues; handout materials; & lunch.

The all day conference will be held at CenterPlace at Mirabeau Point Park, 2426 N. Discovery Place, Spokane Valley.

For more information please see attached flyer or contact Kristina Miller at 509-368-3214 or

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Transit Events

The Inland Empire Rail Transit Association is a non-profit public education organization. Its meetings come on the evenings of the third Monday of each month. Their next meeting is on April 18, 2011, at 6 PM, Knox Presbyterian, 806 W Knox, Spokane (Google map). [As this is another organization's meeting, it's being posted for those of you who are interested, but it will not repeat after this first event.]

From the secretary of the Inland Empire Rail Transit Association, Don Cain:

A transportation event is scheduled for ... Wednesday March 30, 3p in the Council Chambers. The General Manager of the Utah Transit Authority, John Inglish, will speak regarding High Performance Transit projects, and the current status of the Salt Lake City light rail project.

Friday, March 18, 2011

ASP General Meeting Dates

Pursuant to the bylaws, the executive board selects the time and place for regular membership meetings (§8.1.1). In order to boost attendance at Association of Student Planners Meetings, the executive board is moving meetings to every other Tuesday at 11:45, beginning March 29, 2011. The meetings are still scheduled for the Planning Studio at Riverpoint at this time. Please feel free to bring your lunch!

The executive board retains is commitment to holding at least one meeting at the Cheney campus (Bylaws, §8.1.2). The date and time for this meeting is to be determined. However, in order to increase participation across both campuses, the executive board will be addressing the possibility of using video networking to hold meetings simultaneously at both Riverpoint and Cheney. Your comments on this initiative are greatly desired.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Spokane International District Coordinator

From Boris Borisov:

East Central Community Organization (ECCO), the lead agency that will be working in the Spokane International District, has posted ad and for a project coordinator on craigslist:

Spokane International District Coordinator

If you could please share with those who might be interested that would be helpful.

Thank you!

Boris Borisov
Program Officer
Community Building
Impact Capital
P 509-456-8088
F 206-587-3230

Central City Mobility Open House

A volunteer opportunity with the City of Spokane. Please contact Melissa directly:

Hello friends!

We will be hosting the second Central City Mobility Open House on March 29, 4:30-7:00 PM in the Chase Gallery in City Hall. It would be great if we could get 3-4 students to volunteer for sign-in tables and to help things run smoothly. It would be great to have a lot of students attend, too! This is where we bring several transportation projects together in one location for the public to see what is going on and the relationships between the projects. Opportunities to speak with staff, provide feedback and fill out surveys will be available for the following projects:

Central City Transit Alternatives Analysis
SRTC – Transportation Visions Project
Spokane Engineering – Division Gateway Corridor, MLK JR Way, and other projects (pending)
BDS – Surviving Construction Team and SRTC Spokane RoadFix
East Sprague Redevelopment Study and UCommute
Complete Streets Education Coalition
University District Bicycle/Pedestrian Bridge

Mayor Verner will attend and provide a welcome at 5:00 PM

Please have them contact me for volunteer opportunity.

Thank you,

Melissa Wittstruck, AICP
Business & Development Services
Target Area Development
City of Spokane
Fax 509.625.6013

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Brownfields Conference Volunteer Opportunity

Anna Vamvakias told me that volunteering for this event not only gets you in the door, but you are also fed! Here is an email from Melissa Wittstruck about this opportunity:

I checked in with Dept of Ecology to see if they had gotten volunteers
to work at the May 12-13 conference. Only two so far and it is a great
opportunity to have the registration. Would you please send it out
again? Students need to contact Adrienne Dorrah first

Conference details are here


Business & Development Services
Target Area Development

Air Force Intern Positions

Here’s an opportunity for 3 Air Force community planner positions
currently advertised in USAJOBS database (one is in Boise).
Advertisement has a very short 3 day window; those wishing to apply
should do-so ASAP for consideration as the application tool has many
steps and required digital uploads.

This is a great opportunity for those seeking DoD planning challenges
or looking for a stepping stone for entry into federal sector.

Click for position information

Salary is $38,790.00 to $57,408.00 per year. Applications are due March 11, 2011.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

My Last Long Speech


As we bring new faces onto the Association of Student Planners board, I want to begin by recognizing the effort provided by the officers of the past two years. The last couple years have been a struggle for university recognition and higher participation in the club's essential functions. These past board members were steadfast in maintaining the organization through significant hardship. If it were not for their commendable activity, this club would simply not exist. Their dedication to the maintenance of the ASP is a credit to themselves, the EWU Urban and Regional Planning Department, and to Eastern Washington University. To each of the past officers and active members, on behalf of the ASP board, I thank you all.

This year's election featured several close races, to which I believe we can all credit the widespread faith we have in each other. Clearly, there's excess talent to go around! I believe that this bodes well for the next year as we have many highly engaged and capable student planners available to lead this club, regardless of titles and, indeed, in spite of them. As a personal favor to me, I ask that you all thank the people who offered themselves to take on the responsibilities of office. Each candidate's willingness to serve you should be recognized and honored, and I am grateful that they will be participating throughout the next year.

Finally, I want to ask you all to give some thought to a question. The ASP is your organization, and there's no question that we want a club which supports our education and future prospects. If we make the right decisions, when we support ASP, we support ourselves. I want to ask each member of the ASP to provide one hour of activity for the ASP each week, ten hours per quarter. But, I can't because I don't know what you want ASP to be. So, here's the question: What would ASP have to be, what should it do, and what must it provide, in order to inspire you to volunteer an hour a week? Please, think about it, and if you want to share (or if you wish to contact me for any reason) my email address is and my phone number is 509-475-5778. I'm here to serve you. Please let me know how.

Thank you for being a member of the Association of Student Planners! I look forward to a great year!

Brian A. Sayrs

ASP Meeting Minutes, March 3, 2011

The meeting was called to order at 4:02 PM
The meeting agenda was presented and accepted without change

Mardi Gras: Everyone felt that the Inland Empire Chapter did an excellent job hosting this year’s event. Everyone hopes the chapter will agree to host this event again next year.

Old Business: Paperwork for National Conference reimbursements was submitted to the ASEWU on February 23.

New Business:
Elections for 2012 ASP Officers:
The ASP received a request to reserve the office of Cheney Representative for a Cheney-based undergraduate. This proposal was approved and Chris Boghokian asked that his name be removed from consideration for this office. An election for this office will be held in the Fall quarter, 2012.

Prior to the live voting by those ASP members who did not submit ballots via email, each candidate for office was given the opportunity to speak briefly about their plans for ASP next year.

After the ballots from email were printed, and the ballots from those who voted at the meeting were collected, the first order of business was to count the votes for ASP Secretary. Once this winner was determined, the new secretary and the outgoing secretary counted the votes for the remaining positions. The following results were obtained:

New ASP President: Brian Sayrs
New ASP Vice President: William Simpson
New ASP Secretary: Ali Kara
New ASP Treasurer: Chris Boghokian
New ASP National Rep: William Simpson
New ASP State Rep: Jeremy Kulm
New ASP IE Rep: Amy Mullerleile

After the initial votes were counted, there was a tie for Vice President. At the meeting, a proposal was presented and passed with one dissention to revote for that office at the meeting. Those in attendance broke the tie in William Simpson's favor.

Please find the time to congratulate your new ASP officeholders.
The meeting was adjourned at 5:15 PM
Respectfully submitted,

Ray Oligher
ASP Secretary