Thursday, September 29, 2011

Study in Canada

There are $10,000 (Fulbright) "Study in Canada" Killam Fellowships (scholarships) available for undergraduates to undertake their study abroad in Canada (if American) or USA (if Canadian). Fulbright has funds to award up to 40 scholarships, but only 16 were awarded in the US this year due to a lack of applicants. Four of those 16 are from Washington and Idaho. Students may study at any university in Canada and in any field of study (same for Canadian students coming to the USA).

Study in Canada Scholarships (2012-13) include:

  • $10,000 tuition full year / $5,000 one semester

  • $500 health insurance

  • $800 in-country travel allowance

  • 3 day orientation in Ottawa

  • 3 day spring seminar in Washington DC

Students may attend any Canadian university and study in any field. Up to 40 scholarships may be awarded. Application deadline 31 January 2012.

Kevin P Cook
Senior Political, Economic & Academic Officer
Consulate General of Canada
1501 Fourth Avenue
Suite 600
Seattle WA 98101
206-443-9662 fax

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Become an active member!

The Association of Student Planners is designed to facilitate social,
educational, and professional opportunities for students pursuing an
undergraduate major or minor in urban planning, students pursuing a masters
degree in urban planning, and all other students with an interest in

In order to ensure healthy communications between the ASP and the
students for whom it works, we are asking all members to become
"active members" by supplying your name and email address to the club.
The information you provide will not be provided to any third party
without your consent.

Active members will:

  • Receive notification of ASP events,
  • Be eligible to vote for ASP officers, and
  • be eligible to become an ASP officer.

Additionally, being an active member will be required to receive
scholarship funds from the ASP
, such as conference reimbursements.

To become an active member, please send the following information to
Brian Sayrs at

  • Name:

  • Email address:

  • Do you wish to make your email address available to other ASP members
    (yes or no):

  • Phone number (optional):

  • Do you wish to make your phone number available to other ASP members (yes or no):

  • Birthday (optional):

A directory of ASP students will be made available ONLY to those who
provide their own contact information. Again, your contact information
will not be made available without your consent.

If you have any questions, please contact Brian Sayrs.

Friday, September 23, 2011

ASP Meeting Minutes

ASP Meeting Notes



· Dr. Winchell is unavailable to meet in Spokane on Thursdays because he teaches a class in Cheney, so he will not attend meetings during this quarter. However, depending on how early he arrives in Cheney, he might be able to participate in those meetings


· The Studio received a new printer for student use.

o Please keep prints to one copy


· The Chili Cook-Off will take place the last weekend in October – we need to be thinking about rounding up donations for the silent auction.

· Dr. Winchell would like to do a bike ride/social event out to Fish Lake on Oct. 1st

· The Spokane River Clean-Up day is also Oct. 1st:

o Ali is working with the Spokane River Forum and mentioned that they will be stationed at Mirabeau Point in the Valley, but there are multiple points along the river to participate. If you are interested in helping, visit these sites:

o!/spokaneriverforum or email


· Kate mentioned that the The Land’s Council needs help planting 10,000 trees for Reforest Spokane Day on Oct. 22nd


· Karl brought up the idea of creating department Pint Glasses to sell at the Chili Cook-Off. He has contacted a screen printer in Seattle that can do the glasses for around $3 a piece.

· He would also like to create some sweatshirts and other URP/MURP paraphernalia to sell to alumni at events.

o Anyone with graphic design experience is encouraged to contact Karl if they would like to help:


· The Cascadia Conference (for WA & OR) is taking place in Portland this year over the Oct 19-21 weekend.

· Students can register for a drastically reduced price and ASP has received ASEWU funds to help offset the cost and provide scholarships.

o Brian asked for a committee to help coordinate any department efforts for the conference.

§ Jason & Brian both volunteered.


· Brian discussed changing the bylaws phrasing to read that anyone who is a confirmed member of the ASP will be considered a member. This is due to the open-endedness of the current phrasing for voting purposes, etc. We will discuss in more length at a later time.

§ Will Simpson has been asked to spearhead this re-phrasing.


· We have an all department meeting on Sept. 22.

o We will attempt to do a data collection at the meeting for all who wish to be confirmed members of the association – name/program/cohort/email/birthdates – for ASP purposes

o We will be asking for a Cheney rep for the board, so we should prepare for an election.

§ Karl raised a motion to hold an election for a Rep 2 weeks from now, it was seconded.


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Low Income Housing Intern

The Spokane Low Income Housing Consortium (SLIHC) maintains an electronic inventory of publically-financed affordable housing rental units located within Spokane County. I seek an intern to help SLIHC update the inventory. This will likely take about 15 hours per week during the entire 2011 Fall Quarter. We will be able to offer a $300 to $500 stipend.

Cindy Algeo, Executive Director
Spokane Low Income Housing Consortium
315 W. Mission, Suite 25B
Spokane WA 99201
FAX 509-325-3295

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

ASP Meeting Agenda, September 22

Regular Membership Meeting
September 22, 2011
1.      Call to Order
2.       Faculty Advisor's Expressions
3.       Officer Reports
a.       National Representative
b.      State Representative
c.       Inland Empire Section Representative
d.      Secretary
e.      Treasurer
f.        Vice President
g.       President
4.       Committees
a.       Technology Committee Report
b.      Chili Cook-off
c.       Conference
5.       Old Business
a.       Dual-location networking
6.       New Business
a.       Departmental Meeting
b.      Brown bags
c.       Social Events
                                                               i.      Fish Lake
                                                             ii.      Others
d.      Field trips
e.      Cascadia Conference (Portland, October 19-21)
f.        Confirmed Membership
                                                               i.      Data collection (name/program/cohort/email/birthdays) for ASP purposes
                                                             ii.      Changes to bylaws
g.       Fundraisers
7.       Other Business
8.       Members' Expressions
9.       Adjournment. Next Regular Meeting: October 6, 2011

WSDOT Internship

From: Karen Luedeking
Position Title: Transportation Planning Intern (unpaid)
Division: Eastern Region Planning
Location: Spokane, WA

The WSDOT Eastern Region Planning Office is seeking a motivated
college student to join their team as an intern. In this position,
you will gain valuable working experience to supplement your
educational goals and provide you a professional edge in your career
pursuit. The position will perform all or some of the following work
under close supervision:
  • Research and develop a region Geographic Information System datasets
    that may include one or more of the following:

    • Land use changes associated with specific regional transportation
      projects in Eastern Region.

    • Indian Reservation Roads (IRR) in relation to state highways in Eastern Region.

    • Manage Develop Services Review data (Transportation Impact Studies,
      Developer Improvements, etc.) relating state highways in Eastern

From the manager's perspective, the ideal intern will:

  • Work with GIS data to display data and evaluate trends or
    correlations. Have the ability to import data into GIS software. Have
    familiarity with ArcView 10 or higher.

  • Be familiar with spreadsheets and the manipulation of data.

  • Communicate/interact with other agencies.

  • Be enrolled in a recognized curriculum at a higher education
    institution and have completed a least one semester/quarter in
    Geographical Information Systems class work.

Please note, this position is an unpaid internship where the intern
will be expected to work between 10-20 hours per week when school begins.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Meeting Announcement

The Association of Student Planners will conduct its first regular meeting of the quarter at 11:45 AM, Thursday September 22, 2011, in the Riverpoint Planning Studio. Discussion items will include preparation for the September 23rd annual departmental meeting, upcoming ASP socials, the Cascadia Planning Conference in Portland, dual-location ASP meetings, and registration of students as confirmed members of the ASP.

If you have any topics to add to the agenda, please contact Brian at

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

2011 APA Washington Membership Survey

The current APA Washington Board of Directors is planning a retreat to revise the Strategic Plan. The Strategic Plan will help set our directions and focus our activities for the Chapter over the next few years.

You can help!

We would like to hear your opinion on issues that should be addressed in the Strategic Plan retreat and your priorities for Chapter activities. Please complete the survey at

Tailgate Time: Eastern vs. Montana State

A message from APA-IES Secretary Lori Barlow:

Hello Planners!

The Inland Empire Section, Washington Chapter, American Planning Association invites you to join us for a Tail Gate Party, Saturday, September 24, 2011, 1:00 P.M. til Kickoff Time at 4:05 P.M.

Neighborhoods 101

The City of Spokane's Neighborhood Services office is conducting a free Leadership Workshop on Saturday, October 22 from 9:00-11:00a.m. at the East Central Community Center 500 S Stone. According to the email, "Neighborhoods 101 is designed for new and seasoned neighborhood leaders who want to know how to effectively represent their neighborhood in the government decision making process. At this workshop you will learn the answers to the following questions: What are neighborhood councils and the Community Assembly and what do they do? What are the steps you can take to impact government decision making? How does the legislative process work and where do neighborhoods come in?"

This is a good opportunity for planning students to see how the system is set up in Spokane and to start thinking about how processes are integrated into planning.

The City asks that you RSVP to Sandy Scott at 625-6734 or