Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Fundraising Committee Formed

Pursuant to §4.1.2 of the Association of Student Planners Bylaws, I have created a new committee for the purpose of coordinating the acquisition of non-ASEWU funds for the operation of the Association. It has been designated the Fundraising Committee and it will be primarily responsible for activities related to the annual Chili Cook-off, and secondarily responsible for merchandise sales, requests for donations, and other activities as directed by the executive board or as it may otherwise undertake in pursuit of its purpose.

The committee shall be responsible for documentation of all requests for funds and providing appropriate recognitions for donors. The committee shall submit a revenue proposal to the ASP Treasurer for preparation of the Association's annual budget pursuant to ASP Bylaws §4.4.1.

Substantive participation in the committee shall be considered a contribution to the club as may be required for receipt of ASP scholarships.

Furthermore, I have appointed Karl Almgren and Ali Kara as co-chairs for the committee and I thank them for their volunteering spirit. If you wish to volunteer, please contact one of them directly.

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