Saturday, May 7, 2011

ASP Planning Studio Cleanup

Today the ASP conducted a clean up of the Riverpoint Planning Studio beginning at 11 AM. Attendees were Karl Almgren, Jeremy Kulm, Brian Sayrs, and William Simpson.

The room has been rearranged. Several pieces of broken or obsolete equipment have been moved out, and the tables have been rearranged to better utilize wall space. The room is now considerably more spacious than before. Most of the old posters have been removed, and several newer ones have taken their place, and arranged more topically.

There is more work to be done. There is an orange file cabinet which must be cleaned out, and the map boxes and flats should be cleaned out. There are many old projects (including several iterations of the Isabella Springs project) in the flats. Additionally, there is an effort underway to acquire a couch and low-maintenance plants to improve the environment and add new functionality to the room. The need for stools for the drafting and light tables is more apparent now, so this could be a new initiative for the ASP.

We hope that the changes to the room make it more useful and supportive of all students' efforts as the spring quarter comes to a close. Please show your appreciation to Karl, Jeremy, and William for the work they performed for our benefit.

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