Eastern Washington University
Association of Student Planners Bylaws
Amended January 2008

1. General
1.1 Name. The name of organization is the Eastern Washington University Association of Student Planners (ASP).
1.2 Mission. The Association of Student Planners is the organization for students including Master Students (M.U.R.P.), Undergraduates (B.U.R.P.) and any other planning-interested students. Our goals as an organization is to welcome new students into the program, coordinate social events, fundraise for conferences, provide opportunities to utilize urban planning skills in community service projects, and promote networking between students and professionals.
1.3 The American Planning Association. The Association of Student Planners serves on the Washington Chapter and the Inland Empire Section American Planning Association’s (IES-APA) Board of Directors.

2. Membership
2.1 All Urban and Regional Planning majors and minors will be ex-officio member of the Association of Student Planners.
2.2 A student from the outside of the Department of Urban and Regional planning may become a member if his/her academic or professional goals are consistent with the goals of the organization.
2.3 All full/voting members must be registered students of Eastern Washington University.
2.4 There are no dues to be paid to ASP for membership in this organization.
2.5 All members are eligible to attend all meetings and events of this organization.

3. Alumni, Advisory and Faculty Associate Members
3.1 Alumni, Advisory and Faculty Associate member may serve on an appointed committee in an advisory capacity.
3.2 One faculty member will serve as the official ASP faculty advisor. The advisor must sign the recognition application each year, or wherever officer information changes or amendments are made to the constitution and may not vote in association matters, hold office, or unduly influence decisions of the student organization.
3.3 Alumni, Advisory and Faculty Associate members are not eligible to serve as officers, chairperson or committees, or board members or to vote on any questions brought before the Association.

4. Duties of Officers and Board Members
4.1 President
4.1.1 The President shall preside over meetings of the Association and in the Vice-President’s absence over meetings of the Executive Board.
4.1.2 Shall have power to create, appoint and discharge all committees unless otherwise provided in these bylaws.
4.1.3 Shall perform other duties required by these bylaws or customary to the office.
4.2 Vice-President
4.2.1 The Vice President shall assist the President with overall Association responsibilities.
4.2.2 Shall preside over the Executive Board, assist the President and in his/her absence shall preside over the meetings of the Association.
4.2.3 Shall attend ASEWU Club and Organization meetings.
4.2.4 Shall perform such other duties required by these bylaws or customary to the office.
4.3 Secretary
4.3.1 The Secretary shall keep the records of the Association.
4.3.2 Shall keep a record of all meetings of the Association and of the Executive Board and of any other meeting authorized by the Executive Board.
4.3.3 Shall keep a roster of the membership.
4.3.4 Shall collect, disburse and record all in accordance with procedures established by the Executive Board and for purposes approved by the Board or by the membership.
4.3.5 Shall send out all correspondence to the membership.
4.3.6 Shall notify the President of the results of all Association voting, and in so doing, specify the quorum and the number voting for each candidate or "aye" and "nay" on each issue.
4.3.7 Shall perform such other duties required by these Bylaws or customary to the office.
4.4 Treasurer
4.4.1 The Treasurer shall prepare an annual budget with the assistance of the Executive Board.
4.4.2 Shall receive and disburse Association funds.
4.4.3 Shall prepare a financial report for each Executive Board meeting, to include a current balance sheet and an income statement reflecting the preceding month of Association.
4.4.4 Shall perform such other duties as required by these Bylaws or customary to the office.
4.5 Cheney Representative
4.5.1 The Cheney student representative shall serve as voting members of the Executive Board
4.5.2 Shall disperse information regarding the Association to students via in class presentations at the beginning of each quarter.
4.5.3 Shall perform such other duties as required by these Bylaws or customary to the office.
4.6 Executive Board
4.6.1 Membership of the Executive Board of the Association of Student Planners shall consist of the club’s officers.
4.6.2 The Executive Board shall meet at least once each month at the call of the Vice-President.
4.6.3 Shall guide policy and conduct the business of the Association between meetings.
4.6.4 When a vacancy occurs in any office between regular meetings of the Association, the Board shall appoint a person from the membership to fill the vacancy until the next general meeting of the Association and an election is held.
4.6.5 The Executive Board of the Association of Student Planners shall conduct the general business between the general membership meetings.

5. Election/Terms of Office
5.1 Nominations for all officers will be taken from the floor during the first regular meeting with the month of May each year. Elections shall follow taking place during the month of May each year.
5.2 All officio and ex-officio members are eligible to be nominated for office, however, officio standing is required to hold or retain any Association office.
5.3 Any member may nominate any member, including him or herself. The member nominated for office must accept the nomination. Each nomination requires a second in order to be considered for the office.
5.4 Elections shall take place via email and written ballot.
5.5 A simple majority vote of the members will be sufficient to elect an officer. If there are more than two candidates and no candidate receives a majority, there will be a run-off between the top two vote recipients. If additional ties result, a simple coin toss conducted by a member in full standing that is not running for office will occur to determine the election.

6. Terms of Office
6.1 The offices of President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Cheney Representative shall be for one year, commencing with the meeting after that of elections.
6.2 Should a vacancy in the office occur, there will ba a nomination and election for the vacant office held at the next general meeting. In the meantime, the officers will decide how to divide the duties of the vacant office.
6.3 The Interim officer elected will serve the remaining term of the officer he/she replacing.
6.4 Officers may not succeed themselves re the same office.

7. Removal From Office
7.1 Officers may be removed from the office for failure to perform duties or for violation of the membership requirements.
7.2 Officers to be voted upon in this regard will be notified on the intention to do so in writing at least two weeks prior to the meeting at which the vote will be taken.
7.3 A two-thirds majority of members present at a regularly scheduled meeting shall be sufficient for removal from office.

8. Meetings
8.1 Regular Meetings.
8.1.1 A regular membership meeting shall be held at the minimum of twice per month at a time and place selected by the Executive Board.
8.1.2 A minimum of one regular meetings each quarter shall take place in Cheney.
8.1.3 Notice for all meetings must be communicated to all members by at least 72 hours in advance of the meeting.
8.1.4 To conduct business at any meeting, quorum will be established as 30 percent of members and officers.
8.1.5 Officers and members will follow Robert’s Rules of Order to conduct meetings.
8.2 Special Meetings
8.2.1 Special meetings may be called by any of the current officers.
8.2.2 Special meetings can also be called by a combination of four voting members.
8.2.3 Notice of special meetings must be communicated by the member(s) or officers(s) calling for the meeting, to all members at least 72 hours in advance.

9. Committees
9.1 Committees may be formed at the will of the membership. Committee membes will choose a Committee Chair and will specify the purpose of the Committee, which must relate to the purpose and objectives of ASP.

10. Events
10.1 The Association of Student Planners shall actively participate in organizing the Chili Cook-Off and Mardi Gras events. The level of participation is dependent on current involved parties.
10.2 Shall coordinate a minimum of two IES-APA brown bag presentations per academic year.
10.3 Shall organize a minimum of two social events per academic quarter, taking into account all ages and family oriented venues.

11. Conferences
11.1 As long as funds are available, ASP shall cover, at a minimum, the cost of early student registration fee for conferences attended by active members.
11.2 Any student requesting funds for participation in a conference must agree to present on their experience and learned knowledge within the following regular meetings after the conference.
11.3 Any student requesting funds for participation in a conference must participate in a minimum of one ASP fundraising campaign per academic year, within the current academic year.

12. Amendments
12.1 These bylaws can be amended by a two-thirds vote of the members at a regular meeting.
12.2 Notification that a motion to amend the bylaws must go out to members at least 72 hours prior to the meeting.
12.3 If the motion is supported, members will be offered an opportunity to exchange information and/or discuss the proposed amendments during this meeting. At a second meeting, a vote on the proposed amendment(s) will be conducted.

/bas (as presented, without corrections)