Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Japan's urban planning "on-line"

Dear Planning Students,

Osaka, Japan, is one of the largest 20 cities in the world. Their planning department is very active, and addresses many critical issues. Most importantly, they report all planning activities on-line, and in English at their website and through an on-line journal. The latest issue of "OSAKA and Its Technology" has been uploaded.

Be sure to download and examine their "urbanscape" article to see how the face or urban Japan is changing.

Dick W.

Contents of the latest issue (No.54 [March 2011])

  1. Model Project for a Ubiquitous Neighborhood-Watch Robot(PDF 695KB)
  2. Development of Ukiniwabashi Bridge(PDF 1.19MB)
  3. Initiatives for Developing Hanshin Port as a "Strategic International Container Port" (PDF 526KB)

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