Saturday, October 29, 2011

ASP Meeting Notes




· We have $1500 available to use for reimbursement for the Portland conference. We are unsure how it is going be split up amongst the 12 attendees, since not everyone incurred $125 worth of reimbursable expenses. At this time, we have decided that each person should send Karl a hard copy of their receipts for the conference along the necessary EWU form. Once we have determined how much each person incurred in expenses, we can have a better idea of how to distribute funding.


· President absent


· First time with us. Sherwin would like to know how the predecessor handled the job of Cheney rep. He is concerned about the time conflict for him with a class directly after the meeting in Cheney; wants to know if we can discuss this further to figure out the conflict.

· Will, VP standing in for Pres, informed Sherwin that the timing of the meeting was decided based upon desire for participation and this time was when most individuals were available. Also, due to the fact that schedules change every three months, our hands are tied in nailing down a time right now that will work for meeting times for the whole year. He also noted that he would like to hold a meeting with Dr. Winchell to discuss this further.


· Kate noted that she would have liked dialogue about the conference to have started earlier in the year – perhaps over the summer – to better prepare both financially and schedule-wise.

· Others noted that they would have liked the first years to know about the dates sooner.

· Sherwin noted that he would like to see an annual calendar of important events for students.

o Ali will put together a bare calendar of currently known events.


· The Professional Advisory Committee is coming to EWU on Friday 10/28.

· Students raised concerns about a couple of issues that they plan to express at the meeting:

· Lack of technology in classes

· Lack of sufficient GIS training

· Lack of integration of tribal planning in core courses


· The Chili Cook-Off is taking place on 10/28 at 6PM.

· There will not be a keg, but Dr. Winchell plans to drinks for the event

· The pumpkin carving was cancelled due to lack of interest.

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