Saturday, November 12, 2011

ASP Meeting Minutes



· Will is looking for one more signature to finalize our application for national recognition. If anyone hasn’t already signed the app and has a current APA number, please contact Will


· The State board met for a retreat on November 4th to develop a strategic plan for the WA APA; no updates yet.

· Also, all WA APA members received an email recently asking for our opinion on next year’s state conference. We are asked to vote on location and timing. Please vote.


· The IES is discussing restructuring the mentoring program to include new grads because of the lack in response from existing students.

o Students discussed overall interest in the mentoring program, suggested a possible meet & greet to match up mentors with interested students

o Also, some other students (not part of the meeting) mentioned contacting the coordinator Jim Falk and either not hearing back from him, or receiving a very delayed response.

o His email is here, if people want to sign up for mentoring: Also, Karl has the form if you are interested in requesting a mentor.

· Susan Winchell is considering starting a young professionals group


· Karl is still waiting for Portland receipts from one person and then he will be able to calculate how much each person will receive in reimbursements.

· Karl mentioned wanting to deposit the money made from the Chili Cook-Off ($460) into his account and writing a personal check to EWU, so as not to travel out to Cheney with that much cash on hand.

o No one had a problem with this.

· We discussed having an end of the quarter social event at Karl’s club house; an Ugly Sweater Christmas Party. We decided on Dec 8th as the date for the party. We will discuss timing and send out more emails closer to the date of event.


· There was a BRC internship training last weekend, it went really well.


· After speaking with Dr. Winchell, we were informed that student requests for the department must go through faculty or staff. We are advised to no longer make requests directly to other staff (for example: IT), because we should be following protocol established by the University.

o Students expressed a concern for lack of response when previous actions had been requested in this way.

· Also mentioned were the recent comments regarding the health of the program (i.e.: budget cuts). Dr. Winchell assured us that the program is in no danger; we are basically funding ourselves through all the grant money the department receives and are seen as a model for much of the University for our outreach and activities within the community.

o Also, the Graduate portion of the department is based on enrollment of 10 individuals per year, which we have not had difficulty in obtaining. We do need to recruit more Undergrads, though.

· It is suggested that as many students as possible participate in the Student Research and Creative Works Symposium, which is a venue to showcase any projects or present research completed during that school year. The symposium is in Cheney in May. We will provide more updates about participation as it gets closer.

· Fred will be offering the class Presentation Techniques, a 1 credit class, in the Winter Quarter. It is designed to include more grad students and all are encouraged to sign up.


· We have newer computers in the studio

o However, many are having difficulties printing; Jeremy will be looking into this.

· He asked if any students have technology requests for software, equipment, hardware – if so, email Jeremy at

· Jeremy is offering to teach an informal GIS class over Christmas break on Tues/Thurs afternoons, starting on 12/13. We will email more about this later.


· Canada Conference Feb 2-4 in Vancouver, BC

· National Planning Conference April 14-17 in LA

· Local Planning Conference in Priest Lake in June – emails to come from Inland Empire Section of the WA APA.


· At first glance this same meeting time, Thursday at 11:45, would work with most undergrad and graduate class schedules and allow for the greatest number of participants. Please let us know if we have overlooked something and we can discuss.


· The next meeting will be held in Cheney, Nov. 21 at 1PM. Fred has offered the first 45 minutes of his undergrad class that meets during that time in Cheney. We will provide snacks at the meeting.

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