Sunday, October 9, 2011

ASP Meeting Minutes



· No advisor present


· Go to lectures that are being offered. There was a Low Impact Development lecture offered on Saturday through AHBL here in Spokane.


· We have 30 “active” members; this is more than half the registered program


· Jeremy is trying to get access to the GIS lab for us. There is a color inkjet printer in this lab that we would like access to. He is also working on upgrading the computers and servers in the Studio.

· Will raised the concern that the computers are often on in the mornings when he gets to the Studio. Jeremy said that they are a timer of sorts to shut off at night, but then turn on again in the morning. He has tried getting the password from Muhammad (somehow he has this) to reset the timers, but he has been unwilling to give it to Jeremy.

· Tara (new student) offered to run the Cheney meetings through Skype, but was unable to this Thursday because of previous conflicts.

· Jeremy is also trying to set up VirtualLab and NetStorage tutorials for new students.


· Karl has been looking into the pint glass cost. He thinks that is will be between $150-200 for 100 glasses. He needs a graphic designer to step up and help with the design.

· Jeremy spoke with the appropriate departments to determine who takes care of EWU logos. Students Accounts helps with ordering, while Marketing/Communications helps with using the EWU logo. We still haven’t decided if we want to have the EWU logo on the shirts.

· Karl had an idea for a t-shirt – Robert Moses and Jane Jacobs having a pillow fight.

· Karl would like the Chili Cook-Off should be a costume party, as well.

· Another game idea for the cook-off would be to guess the age of the student. Two students we would like to use = Joanne & Jason.

· We would like to do a pumpkin carving activity during the day of the cook-off.

· Rose needs some volunteers for set-up and tear-down for the cook-off. Please contact Rose if you are available to help.

· We would also like to designate a DD for the event – in case people drink too much, we would like a safe ride home for them after the event. If anyone is available, please contact Ali Kara.

· Karl would like to do Operation Dinner Out on November 19th. Basically, everyone would get together and go out to a local restaurant here in Spokane, just as a fun social event.

· Karl also mentioned an interest in starting an intramural basketball team. Please talk to Karl if you are interested in playing.


· The Cascadia Conference (for WA & OR) is taking place in Portland this year over the Oct 19-21 weekend.

· We decided to hold a conference coordination meeting on Monday Oct. 10th at 11:45AM in the studio. We will discuss reimbursement for the trip, carpooling groups and rooming situations. If you would like to receive funds from ASP for the trip and want to be involved in this discussion, please attend the meeting on Monday.


· Aline will be giving a lunch time presentation at 11:45 on Thursday the 13th in room 228 about her recent summer internship in North Dakota. Please bring your own lunch (brown bag) and plan to attend to hear about her summer.

The next scheduled meeting on the 20th is cancelled due to the Cascadia Conference. We will plan to meet on the 27th, instead, as a make-up meeting and then continue with our same schedule as before (so back-to-back meetings).


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