Thursday, September 29, 2011

Study in Canada

There are $10,000 (Fulbright) "Study in Canada" Killam Fellowships (scholarships) available for undergraduates to undertake their study abroad in Canada (if American) or USA (if Canadian). Fulbright has funds to award up to 40 scholarships, but only 16 were awarded in the US this year due to a lack of applicants. Four of those 16 are from Washington and Idaho. Students may study at any university in Canada and in any field of study (same for Canadian students coming to the USA).

Study in Canada Scholarships (2012-13) include:

  • $10,000 tuition full year / $5,000 one semester

  • $500 health insurance

  • $800 in-country travel allowance

  • 3 day orientation in Ottawa

  • 3 day spring seminar in Washington DC

Students may attend any Canadian university and study in any field. Up to 40 scholarships may be awarded. Application deadline 31 January 2012.

Kevin P Cook
Senior Political, Economic & Academic Officer
Consulate General of Canada
1501 Fourth Avenue
Suite 600
Seattle WA 98101
206-443-9662 fax

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