Tuesday, September 20, 2011

ASP Meeting Agenda, September 22

Regular Membership Meeting
September 22, 2011
1.      Call to Order
2.       Faculty Advisor's Expressions
3.       Officer Reports
a.       National Representative
b.      State Representative
c.       Inland Empire Section Representative
d.      Secretary
e.      Treasurer
f.        Vice President
g.       President
4.       Committees
a.       Technology Committee Report
b.      Chili Cook-off
c.       Conference
5.       Old Business
a.       Dual-location networking
6.       New Business
a.       Departmental Meeting
b.      Brown bags
c.       Social Events
                                                               i.      Fish Lake
                                                             ii.      Others
d.      Field trips
e.      Cascadia Conference (Portland, October 19-21)
f.        Confirmed Membership
                                                               i.      Data collection (name/program/cohort/email/birthdays) for ASP purposes
                                                             ii.      Changes to bylaws
g.       Fundraisers
7.       Other Business
8.       Members' Expressions
9.       Adjournment. Next Regular Meeting: October 6, 2011

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