Monday, June 6, 2011

Studio Presentation on Bike Facilities

All planning faculty and students are cordially invited to attend Senior Capstone/Studio presentation Tuesday in Rm 117 at 2 PM.

Studio Presentation: Learning from Implementation: Assessing Bike Facilities on 37th

Over the past two years, the City implemented both sharrows (Regal to Perry) and a bike lane (Perry to Grand) along 37th. Having these two distinct bike facility types on the same corridor provides an opportunity to assess differences, if any, in bicyclist and motorist behavior. Local university students have undertaken that assessment.

In 2009 GU engineering seniors, followed by EWU senior planning students in 2010–11, have assessed both sharrow and lane segments. On June 7th, 2PM in Room 117 of Riverpoint Phase I Bldg, the EWU student team will provide a 30-minute presentation on findings, implications, and recommendations. Coffee and lite refreshments will be provided. Hope you can attend.

Bill Kelley, Professor
Urban and Regional Planning

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